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The LMS Society - BackTrack Index

BACKTRACK was established in 1986 with the aim of presenting quality, well-researched articles on British railway history. It remains the only magazine focussing on all aspects of railway history from its earliest days right through to the early 2000s, with a strong emphasis on the use of historic colour photographs. A previous owner and editor of the magazine was David Jenkinson, a founder of the LMS Society, and its present publisher, Michael Blakemore, is also a member of the Society. Many members of the LMS Society have been contributors to BACKTRACK over the years.

For further help with articles which have been published in BACKTRACK please contact Michael Blakemore on 01347 824397 or at

BACKTRACK Cumulative Index of content related to the LMS Railway from Volumes 1-28

Volumes 1-25 Compiled by Terry Penfold

Publishing History

Introductory Issue (No 0)Pp. i - xlviii
Volume 1 1987 4 issuesPp. 1 - 192
Volume 2 1988 4 issuesPp. 1 - 192
Volume 3 1989 5 issuesPp. 1 - 240
Volume 4 1990 6 issuesPp. 1 - 288
Volume 5 1991 6 issuesPp. 1 - 304
Volume 6, 7, 8 1992 - 1994 each 6 issuesPp. 1 - 336
Volume 9 1995 12 issuesPp. 1 - 680
Volume 10 1996 12 issuesPp. 1 - 708
Volume 11 1997 12 issuesPp. 1 - 692
Volume 12 1998 12 issuesPp. 1 - 696 Special LMS issue (12/S) Pp. 1 - 80
Volume 13 1999 12 issuesPp. 1 - 684
Volume 14 2000 12 issuesPp. 1 - 740
Volume 15 2001 12 issuesPp. 1 - 732 Special LNER issue (15/S) Pp. 1 - 100
Volume 16, 17 2002 - 2003 each 12 issuesPp. 1 - 720
Volume 18, 19, 20 2004 - 2006 each 12 issuesPp. 1 - 768
Volume 21 2007 12 issuesPp. 1 - 786
Volume 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 2008 - 2014 each 12 issuesPp. 1 - 768

The Index

The index is arranged alphabetically within major topic headings.

Each entry is shown with volume and page number(s). Entries which are primarily illustrative are marked with an asterisk.


The index entries are based on the annual indices of individual volumes compiled by the editor with some clarification of subject matter if appropriate.

Other Sources

A listing of all articles and photographs which have appeared in the magazine is maintained, for personal use, in Excel spreadsheet format, by Bob Farmer. He is happy to share this with others who may be interested and can be contacted by email


0-6-0Ts: All work and little play15/396*
2-6-0 locomotives26/480*
2-6-0s, Four of a kind17/92*
2-6-2 tanks14/156*
2-6-4 tanks12/S45*
2P 0-4-4T13/80*
2P 4-4-0s15/218*, 22/292*
3F 0-6-0Ts - an everyday story of shunting tanks26/160*
4F 0-6-0s20/480*
4F saga: Masterpiece of mediocrity13/320
7F 0-8-0s14/464*
8F 2-8-08/137*, 9/84*, 10/584*, 18/354*, 25/608*
Admirals of the Fleet ('Jubilee' names)10/46
Alterations at LYR sheds12/S28
Articulated carriages13/505*
Bahamas, in Bury21/335*
Beyer-Garratt locos16/207*
Big Four in 194017/466
Birmingham WWII war damage17/43, 155, 260
Blackpool Central disaster16/222
Boy's introduction to LMS16/616
Bristol-Gloucester line in the 1930s12/656*
British Empire Exhibition, Railways and the21/52
Broadbent, Bill: The road to Holyhead25/454, 598
Camden Motive Power Depot6/193*
Camden shed and bank26/598*
Camp Hill Bank pilots7/60, 145
Carlisle, Early one morning at14/280, 531
Carrbridge disaster 192314/571
Carriage lighting12/S19
Carriage masqueraders: LM 'Porthole' stock10/164*
Cattle docks on Northern Division12/S71
Chairman's saloons15/113*
Class 2 2-6-0s19/220*
Class 2 4-4-0s22/292*
Class 5 4-6-0 at Conway7/84*
Class 5 4-6-0 on Merseyside4/165*
Class 5 'Black Five' 4-6-08/224*, 10/673*, 18/604*
Classic EMUs6/249*
'City of Bradford', On tour with26/208*
Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway8/254*
Colne, Rise and Fall of Railways around6/286
Compound 4-4-015/642*
Compounds north of the border15/54*
'Coronation' Class 4-6-21/141*, 5/72*, 100*, 7/1*, 11/257*, 17/330*, 21/762*
'Coronation' Pacifics at Crewe North9/524*
'Coronation' Pacifics in green13/308*
'Coronation Scot' in America13/342
'Coronation' v 'Coronation Scot'6/76
Coronation year 193717/527
Cortez-Leigh, F.A: An Inca at Euston26/455
CR Pullmans and their LMS successors19/174
Crewe, Steam at22/672*
Crimson lake12/S40*
Decor from the Thirties14/736*
Derby's big engine15/11
Detective work from prime sources12/S64
Dia. 1695 Corridor Third9/275*
'Duchess' names: Most Noble Ladies:25/86
Dundee & Arbroath Joint Line21/486
Eight-coupled locomotives24/110, 168, 232, 306
Euston to Kilburn...and beyond14/276*
Euston, Out of24/78*
Experimental locomotives16/455
Flashing-light signals10/291
Fleet review ('Jubilee' names)20/12
Fowler 3MT 2-6-2T2/100*
Fowler 4P 2-6-4T6/277*, 17/150*
Fowler, Sir Henry: The era of 11/501
Froggatt, Harold: The 'Little Hercules'25/276
From the Met to the Mersey28/754
General strike in the Highlands20/347
Ghost Pacifies16/498
Gleneagles Hotel12/S2, S11
Goods depots in 1930s25/612
Grouping and early locomotive policy19/150, 276
Grouping Years, The11/16, 74, 156, 217
Happy Wanderers, The: LYR locos away from Central Division21/635
Highland lines in LMS days18/23*
Highland Section 1939-459/201
Holbeck Fitter: John Soar24/454
Holidays by LMS18/262*
Home Counties North13/366*
Horwich Mogul 2-6-03/189*, 12/610*, 20/96*
HR/LMS and GNS/LNER joint through passenger train workings21/35
Imperial 'Jubilees' (names)24/70
Improvements and economies on Northern Division22/122
Improving rail services in 192528/280
In Ireland, LMS12/564
In later years, LMS18/38, 84, 172, 21/115*
In Scotland, LMS7/33
In the offices of the LMS12/454
Ivatt 2-6-2 tanks25/685*
Ivatt Class 2 2-6-09/482*, 13/482*, 17/93*
Ivatt Class 4 2-6-013/30*, 24/672*
'Jubilee' 4-6-0s5/97*, 6/28*, 7/256*, 8/200*, 9/312*, 10/424*, 15/278*, 18/672*, 24/338, 24/352*, 28/466*
'Jubilee' Class: Celebrating Trafalgar19/580*
Jubilee' names10/46, 20/12, 24/70, 338
Junior railway clerk, Reminiscences of8/187
Kimbolton recalled19/692
Ladies in red14/342
Liverpool & Manchester Railway Centenary Celebrations of 193026/602
Liverpool & Manchester Railway Centenary Exhibition16/140
Liverpool electric trains12/84
Liverpool, The leaving of13/476*
LMS locomotives during World War II22/268
Locomotives and T.F.Coleman10/560
London sheds in 19351/162
Manchester and Liverpool, Somewhere between25/529*
Manchester Victoria: Runaway!15/330
Merseyside: Railway disruption in World War II20/70, 179, 218, 311
'Mid-Day Scot'22/606*
Middle period standard carriages16/533*
Motive power problems in first decade of the LMS12/S32
Never on a Sunday (Kyle line excursions)12/662
'Night Scot' and associated sleeping car trains21/732
Northward bound14/638, 15/143, 16/18
Old names for new ('Jubilees')24/338
On shed5/274*
On the threshold of a career with the LMS17/186
Parcels traffic11/145, 220
'Patriot' 4-6-02/169*, 7/220*, 9/430*, 16/512*, 28/224*
Plodder Lane, Working from15/592
Prestatyn holiday camp16/644
Preston to Penrith over Ship14/458*
'Princess' Class 4-6-23/24*, 3/49*, 10/308*, 19/544*
Pullman services12/S74
Railcars on the LMS15/696*
Rails in the Air21/370
Railway salesmanship12/S48
Rebuilt 'Jubilees'21/469*
Red Pacifics1/141*, 5/72*, 17/330*, 21/762*
'Royal Highlander'12/S57
Royal Ladies - names of 'Princess Royal' and 'Princess Coronation' Classes23/148
'Royal Scot' 4-6-07/281*, 8/28*, 16/152*, 21/674*
'Royal Scot', Riding the20/733*
'Royal Scots' and their weans19/356, 424, 487
'Royal Scots' at Annesley6/71
'Royal Scots' through Treacy's lens15/587*
Scientific Research Department22/236
Scottish holiday traffic ('Hame efta ra fair')4/268
Sheffield, South of21/354*
Ships of the LMS Line12/S42*
Shrewsbury to Hereford16/427
Signal boxes during World War II12/S24
Six-coupled passenger tanks11/86*
Six-wheel evolution: Midland to LMS10/513*
Somerset & Dorset Sentinels18/327
Stanier 4-6-0s1/74*
Stanier and Fairburn 2-6-4Ts19/290*
Stanier Pacific Trials24/147
Stanier's 2-6-0s14/290*, 17/92*
Steam on the Misery Line (LT&SR)12/588
Stock from the 1930s19/764*
Tank engine legacy14/650*
Testers, The28/762
Train and traffic control10/591
Treacy, Eric, Early photographs of22/38
Tube wagons17/56*
'Turbomotive', It began with26/402
Turkey, 2-8-0s in 18/120
Twilight year of the Big Four18/110, 236
Variations on a 57ft LMS Theme10/637*
West Coast Main Line, Eric Bruton on the28/740*
West Yorkshire, Early recollections from, 1946-5726/519
Willesden Freight21/329
Windermere, Railway steamer services on11/172, 20/666, 25/627*
Wirral, Third rail on the21/582*
World War II: Bristol and surrounding area18/265, 429, 534


'113' Class 4-4-023/481*
'294' Class 0-6-02/45*, 4/23*, 10/88*
'439' Class 0-4-4T5/245*, 23/480*
'72' Class 4-4-0 3/71*, 23/481*
'782' Class 0-6-0T23/483*
'812' Class 0-6-07/82*, 10/88*, 23/482*
'938' Class ('River') 4-6-0s19/475*
'956' Class 4-6-0s23/104
4-2-2 No. 12317/267*, 24/32*
Alyth branch23/88
Auld Enemies?, The14/516
Ballachulish branch18/348*
Bankfoot Light Railway24/407
Blairgowrie Express23/590, 25/684
Brechin & Edzell District Railway27/262
Cardean 4-6-07/266*
Coaching stock miscellany20/124*
Continental ambulance train16/41
CR Pullmans and their LMS successors19/174
Drummond Era, The18/688, 754, 19/46, 102
Dumfries: 'Queen of the South' and her railways23/326
'Dunalastair IV' 4-4-06/57*
Dundee & Arbroath Joint Line21/486
Elliot Junction accident19/455
Exchange platform only25/71
Forfar & Brechin Railway26/227
Glasgow's terminals, The development of13/519
Inchture Bus23/20
Killin branch9/481*, 14/624
Kirriemuir branch25/76
Loch Lomond, Railways and10/342
Lockerbie-Dumfries branch18/304
Locomotives, Caledonian13/250*, 14/18*, 22/31*, 23/480*
Mail train crash (Guthrie Jn)18/666
Main line: Steam on the CR17/110*, 19/352*
Montrose to Bridge of Dun and Brechin 5d: A financial history of BR 1948-5426/367, 26/493, 26/584
Muck, brass and Glasgow's railways20/424, 548
Oban line18/96*, 540*
Perth, Caledonian visitors to20/762*
Perthshire 'Des Res'21/182
Scottish West Coast postal services17/500
Trossachs Tour: Scotland's No.1 Tour23/410, 548
Viaducts, Two early Scottish14/330


Carriage bodies at Mobberley9/396*
Cheshire Lines27/506*
Cheshire Lines Committee13/276*
Cheshire Lines Committee: Southport22/590
Cheshire Lines Committee's North Liverpool lines9/356
Liverpool Central Station Railway19/627, 752
Manchester South District Railway10/380
Manchester's main line stations27/620*
Mouldsworth and Helsby branch26/560
On the Cheshire Lines10/82*
Signals at Trafford Park10/449*
Southport Extension of the CLC 1884-195227/372


4-4-0s of 189023/428
Baltic Tanks5/281
Furness lines, Along22/44*, 274*
Furness, Focus on the10/618*
L2 Class 0-6-2T8/272*
Millom signal box11/105*
Piel Pier, The line to27/207
Wartime crisis on the Furness19/681, 758
Windermere, Railway steamer services on11/172, 20/666, 25/627*


Blackpool: Britain's most obscure locomotive?10/40
Garstang & Knott End Railway (Pig and Whistle)7/257


Around Ayrshire28/452*
Ayr, Railways of25/711
Baltic tanks5/281
Drummond era, The19/102
Dumfries: 'Queen of the South' and her railways23/326
Exchange platform only25/71
Glasgow & South Western lines, Along9/598*
Glasgow St. Enoch13/519, 20/462*
Glasgow's Terminals, Development of13/519
Late Victorians on the Sou' West19/111
Muck, brass and Glasgow's railways20/424, 548
Scottish railway at war28/547
Scottish West Coast postal services 17/500
Season ticket, Tale of a railway11/456
Stirling Era on the G&SWR11/358*
Stranraer road17/332*
Turnberry Station Hotel24/460
Wagon demurrage8/44


4-4-0 locos13/104*
Aviemore line22/714
Beyond the Highland Railway24/204, 348
Brawling on the railway, The consequences of26/326
By train and bus in Sutherland and Ross24/583
Carrbridge disaster 191414/411*
Carrying the Fishergirls over the HR line27/391
Christmas journey in 190423/717
Directors' saloon12/197, 344*
Far North13/677*, 14/552*
Hawthorn, Leslie & the HR12/141
Heart of the Highlands, In the11/666*
Highland centenary journey27/525
Highland Mixture28/544*
Highland scenes15/110*
Highlands, A taste of the10/272*, 21/224*
Highlands, A year in the9/609
HR/LMS and GNS/LNER joint through passenger workings21/35
Inverness for Hogmanay23/6
'Jones Goods' No.10322/516*
Jones, David, and the writers: The forerunners of the 'Big Goods' 4-6-021/99
Last goods brake vans12/S55
Menzies, Sir Robert, and the HR26/76
Pass of Killiecrankic, In the17/454*
Perthshire 'Des Res'21/182
Railway life in the Highlands25/55*
Reaching Keith22/468
Romance of journey to the Isle of Skye27/38
Scottish West Coast postal services17/500
Signal boxes16/356*
Skye line, Along the15/724*
Station masters, guards and grouse moors20/104
Tank locomotives12/673
Taste of the Highlands, A10/272*, 21/224*


'286' class2-4-0 11/189*
Ambulance trains6/324
Aspinall 0-6-0 dock tank4/237*
Aspinall 2-4-2Ts14/651*, 722, 20/411*
Aspinall 4-4-0s20/360
Barnsley station signal box11/105*
Berry Brow carvings8/96
Blackburn to Preston Railway 1843-185926/38
Blackpool: The View from the Tower26/619*
Bolton Trinity Street21/630*
Bolton - Blackburn26/88*
Bury, East Lancashire crossroads12/322*
'Business Line'. The28/163*
Centralised traffic control systems16/366
Chatburn to Hellifield22/518
Clitheroe, The railway to22/134
Colne, Rise and fall of railways around6/286
Copy Pit18/68*
Electric trains in Manchester10/294
Electric trains of Merseyside11/179
Fay, Charles and Newall, James, railway brakes24/186
Fleetwood, By rail and sea to18/437, 498
Goole, 'Lanky' influence at24/433
Happy Wanderers, The: LYR locos away from Central Division of LMS21/635
Hawkshaw 'Singles'11/368
Holcombe Brook branch21/772
Holmfirth branch12/325
Horwich Descendants28/404*
Lancashirgton Ironstone Quarries28/519
Nidd Valley Light Lightway28/272
Horwich labour dispute 191119/36
Horwich Works4/16*
Horwich Works remembered13/213
Huddersfield to Sheffield4/61
Hughes, George15/382
Lancashire Ironstone Quarries28/519
'Lanky' miscellany14/192*
Liverpool Exchange21/430
LMS alterations to LYR sheds12/S28
Locomotives, LYR10/557*, 11/202*, 12/162*, 19/476*, 24/300*
Manchester & Leeds Railway, Aspects of the11/566, 591
Manchester to Bury in 1846 and 187926/432, 26/473
Manchester Victoria in focus26/248
Manchester, Climbing out of18/695
Manchester's main line stations27/620*
Manchester, 'The breezy Northern Heights of15/476
Meltham branch2/159
'My mother called me Harry'24/696
Newton Heath25/698*
Nidd Valley Light Lightway28/272
North Liverpool electrification27/740
O'Brien, Henry: The unfortunate case of13/76
Oldham Loop, A last look at the25/314
Oldham's railways, Images of24/566*
Passenger work25/251
Penistone Viaduct collapse10/596
Pennine ways, Along the19/610*, 20/98*
Preston & Longridge line25/676
Radcliffe's stations and structures22/171*
Ribble Valley line25/452*
Rochdale station15/393*
Rochdale-Bacup branch19/270
Rochdale-Bolton line17/252, 344
Royton branch27/12
Royton Junction14/661*
Salford Docks branch10/72
Shipping fleets14/686
Signal boxes18/60*
Signal boxes in Manchester area14/48*
Special saloons15/728*
Todmorden 1836-191415/625
Vitriol Works, The changing scene at22/489*


0-8-0 freight locomotives1/28*, 4/28*, 14/464*, 23/260*
Addison Road electrics13/462
Afon Wen branch24/415*
Along the Pennine ways19/610*, 20/98*
American special boat trains19/378*
Ashby and Nuneaton line20/612*
Banbury branch1/106, 19/518
Bescot memories17/403
Bicester accident, 185119/24
Birmingham New Street14/100*, 28/674*
'Black Harry' Tunnel: Clifton branch14/201
Bootle branch6/265
Bowen Cooke, C. J: Don't look back in anger28/422
Buxton, Lower quadrant signals at11/281
Buxton - What might have been27/656
Canteen and classroom 9/580
Central Wales Line18/153*, 24/276*, 726*
Centre Bearings, Weak Frames and all that27/34
Charnwood Forest line26/203
Chester to Whitchurch21/178
Churton's Railway Observations27/519
'Claughton' 4-6-0s in LMS days12/538*
'Claughton' comments13/347
Colne triangle, Watford25/484
Cortez-Leigh, F. A: An Inca at Euston26/455
Crewe Station 1837 - 19855/268
Cromford & High Peak line21/4*
Crossing boxes14/433*
Croxley Green and Rickmansworth termini2/80
Delph branch3/81
Ditton Junction accident28/84
Failure? F.W. Wehb9/582
Firing LNWR engines9/102
Fleetwood, By rail and sea to18/437, 498
GN/LNW Joint Line,3/158, 21/32*, 377
Grand Junction Railway18/559
Hampstead Junction Railway14/574
Hawkshaw Arch14/40*
Ingleton line26/331
'Irish Mail'11/274
'Jellicoe' coal specials20/498
Locomotive design in 19093/77
Locomotives, LNWR12/554*, 14/650*, 18/504*, 23/260*
London & Birmingham Railway20/165
London Euston station18/506*, 25/208
Manchester's main line stations27/620*
Market Bosworth13/318*
Marston Gate, The little-known story of27/438
Micklehurst loop line14/142
Mitre Bridge Junction signal box22/284
Mold Riot of 186926/444
Newport Pagnall branch5/101
North & West route15/215*, 275*, 23/166
North America, Britain's railways in22/337
Nuneaton and Warwickshire coalfield18/295
Oldham's railways, Images of24/566*
Orion, Darroch and the 'Alfreds'20/280
Overhead signal boxes10/330*
'Premier Line' - 150 years on10/622
Premier Line portraits26/378*
Preston & Longridge line25/676
Ptarmigan goes forth25/563
Royal Train18/634*
Saddleworth heydays17/384
Shrewsbury, A unique signalling installation6/257
Singular double, A15/223, 356
Tank engine legacy14/650*
Titanic connection, The16/296
Trent Valley Railway28/4
'Vive La France'8/13
Waterloo and Riverside, Liverpool13/148
Webb and his compound locomotives7/126
Webb, F.W: Handing on the baton16/635, 695
West Coast 'Corridor'. The16/306
Willesden Junction18/374


Baltic tanks 5/281, 17/265*
Commercial Road goods depot17/506
Focus on the Tilbury tanks10/662*
London, Tilbury & Southend line12/588, 22/280
No.80 at the Imperial International Exhibition15/635
Whitechapel & Bow Railway21/142


An East Anglian artery6/93
Celebrations in the 'Crewe of Norfolk'14/382
Marriott reinforced concrete station nameboards25/568
MGNR and the Beyer Peacock connection25/50
MGNR remembered14/96*
Norwich City18/654
Yarmouth Beach20/199


1F 0-6-0T2/171*, 3/171*, 15/396*
2F 0-6-016/567*
2P 4-4-08/256*, 15/218*, 22/292*
3F 0-6-08/276*, 9/140*, 16/567*, 24/158*
3F 0-6-0T15/396*, 24/607*
4F 0-6-02/100*, 3/170*, 7/83*, 8/277*, 13/548*, 16/567*, 20/480*
4F saga: Masterpiece of mediocrity13/320
Ashby and Nuneaton line20/612*
Aspects of Junction Development26/138
Ais Gill accident revisited28/666
Baltic Mysteries27/488
Barnt Green-Evesham-Ashchurch branch19/157*
Bedford, All change at26/568
Bentham, Thomas: Victorian railwayman17/80*
Brecon, Branch train to24/547*
Birmingham New Street28/674*
Bristol, Bygone1/86*
Bristol, Midland route to13/193*, 418*
Bruton, Eric, on the Midland25/682*
Burton & Ashby Light Railway 15/163, 25/232
Buxton - What might have been27/656
Chinley North Jcn: Red signals at grandad's box12/401
Chorlton Junction22/428, 496
Colne, Rise and fall of railways around6/286
Compound 4-4-04/170*, 15/642*, 17/47, 73
Crimson rambling (MR No.1000)27/32*
Early MR goods locomotives17/641, 695, 18/240
Ellis, John: Unsung railway pioneer20/205
Farringdon, Folly at14/103
Gloucester, Going to27/224*
Grassington, Rails to25/291
Hope Valley line21/68*
Horse-drawn passenger trains25/752
Hotels, Railway14/492*
Huddersfield branch12/530
Ingleton line26/331
Keighley & Worth Valley8/271*
Kimbolton recalled19/692
Kirtley Singles17/191, 17/335
Leeds, MR main line north of15/340*
Lickey Banker, More light on the1/64
Lickey Incline1/67, 23/134, 24/478*
Lickey Incline, Banking on the27/414*
'Little North Western' line21/568*
Locomotive might-have-beens14/386
London, Entry into8/323
Lower quadrant signals10/701*
Main line, Midland15/27*, 87*
Management of MR in early years of 20th century24/646
Manchester South District Railway10/380
Manchester, South of20/4*
Mansfield - more trains than St.Pancras9/39
Mansfield-Worksop: Landscape with railway13/605
Market Bosworth13/318*
Memories of the Midland12/130, 198
Midland from 1900 into amalgamation in 192325/334
Midland single-wheelers27/282*
Normanton10/347, 440
Northern Counties Committee12/564
Nuneaton and Warwickshire coalfield18/295
Paget locomotive14/21
Passenger classification in the nineteenth century26/304
Peak District, In the 17/212*
Peak District, Steam in the26/157*
Peak, Over the9/537*
Piel Pier, The line to27/207
Redditch branch 16/155, 196
Saxby, Battles of2/173
Settle-Carlisle line15/582*, 16/32*, 690*, 21/250*, 23/224*, 25/48*, 26/206*, 26/726*
Settle-Carlisle: A History of Snow28/14
Signal boxes11/401*, 18/378*
Six-wheel vans evolution: Midland to LMS10/513*
St. Pancras - the railway cathedral20/647
St. Pancras, From Redundancy to Jewel in the Crown23/292, 346
Stamford Town15/516*
Staveley, Shunting at 7/30*, 16/392*
Tale of two goods depots15/523
Thomas Cook excursions18/568
Travelling commission on MR dining cars - 190310/375
Walking the 'Old Road'28/228
Wellingborough, Finedon Road signal box15/604*
Wensleydale, Rails in27/240


100 Years of a Cotswold railway6/297, 7/6
Midland & South Western Junction line9/249*
The one that got away21/422


Broad Street Station19/240
'Give my Regards to Broad Street'28/496, 28/531
North London Railway11/414


Dodds, Thomas Weatherburn23/740, 24/34
Harecastle Diversion Scheme23/454
Rev. H.G. Lancaster and the 1919 railway strike17/316
Statutory origins of the NSR27/114
'Tutbury Jenny', The 18/135


Portpatrick & Wigtownshire Railway27/362*


150 years of the Somerset and Dorset22/25
2-8-0 on Bath Green Park turntable4/189*
4F 0-6-0s at work3/220*
After closure: Sabotaged and Defeated12/342*, 16/652*
Coaching stock in BR days9/174
Dorset Central Railway24/692
Passenger train motive power over the Mendips21/122
Passing seasons on the S&D28/416*
'Pines Express'7/25*
Somerset & Dorset Sentinels18/327
Standard Class 9F 2-10-0s on passenger trains20/160*
Standard Class 9F Evening Star on the S&D17/327*, 20/163*
Standard Classes on the Somerset and Dorset24/324*
Steam over the Mendips9/172*, 16/507*, 20/294*, 416*, 23/746*, 25/403*

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