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The LMS Society - LMS Journal Index

LMS Journal Index

The LMS Society has completed an index for LMS Journal Issues 0-9. The Index is well detailed and can be accessed on the link below, and whilst the Society reserves copyright, a copy for individual use may be printed off for non-commerical purposes. In addition, limited indexes suitable for binding with issues 0-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29 and 30-34 are also available for those who wish to include an index in a bound volume. These indexes contain: Issue dates, Author Index, Article Subject Index, Letters by Author, and Letters by Subject.

The time commitment of LMS Society members in indexing Issues 0-9, with some items indexed under more than one section, and in many instances, in several sections, was a heavier than anticipated commitment - almost 160000 spaced characters on over 3000 lines - clearly, too time consuming. Therefore, the 10-14 index is a listing of subject matter, and this format will be used for issues beyond No.14.

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