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This is a series of supplements designed to complement volumes in the LMS Locomotive Profiles series and has come about because of the large number of high quality photographs that were available when Profile No.5 - The Mixed Traffic Class 5s Part 1 was in preparation. John Jennison and David Clarke approached Wild Swan Publications in 1994 with an idea for a survey of the Class 5s that was generally intended to be of principal value to modellers and consisting primarily of tabulated information and detail photographs with extended captions. When David Hunt, Bob Essery and Fred James began work on the LMS Locomotive Profile series several years later, the ethos for those works was one of technical drawings and descriptions aimed not only at modellers but also at steam locomotive enthusiasts and historians. Since one of the locomotive types earmarked for coverage in the Profiles was the mixed traffic Class 5, the publisher suggested that the two proposals be combined if possible.

Presenting the class of this size in the same detail and to the same standard as previous Profiles could not be done in the same size book and so it was decided to split the work into three volumes. Though some of the material collected by David Clarke and John Jennison could be included in the main titles even three books would not absorb anywhere near the number of photographs that they and Bob Essery had collected without the size and, therefore, cost growing considerably. This seemed to be a pity, especially for modellers, and so it was resolved to make more of them available in this series of Photographic Supplements, each volume to be published simultaneously with the 'parent' LMS Locomotive Profile.

The first of the two supplements is intended to go with LMS Locomotive Profile No.5, which deals with Nos. 5000-5224 built in 1934 and 1935. The second supplements Profile No.6 on Nos. 5225-5499 and 4768-4999 that had the same wheelbase as the earlier engines but were built with different boilers and fireboxes.

It is anticipated that a similar situation with regard to the number of available photographs will arise with some of other the numberically larger classes and already Photographic Supplements to Profiles No.8, No.10 and No.11 have been made available. Others may follow in due course.

Comments, amendments and suggestions will be most welcome and should be addressed to the Profiles series editor, David Hunt, who will also be responsible for the supplements. This can be by post via Wild Swan Publications or by .

John Jennison, David Clarke, David Hunt and Bob Essery.

Supplement to Loco Profile 11

Supplement to Locomotive Profile 11

The 'Coronation' Class Pacifics

ByJohn Jennison, Bob Meanley, Bob Essery, Fred James and David Hunt

ISBN 978 1 905184 620

Supplement to Locomotive Profile 10

The Standard Class 4 Goods 0-6-0s

ByBob Essery, John Jennison, Fred James and David Hunt

ISBN 978 1 895 184 37 8

Supplement to Loco Profile 10
Supplement to Loco Profile 8

Supplement to Locomotive Profile 8

The Class 8 Heavy Freight 2-8-0s

ByJohn Jennison, Fred James, Bob Essery and David Hunt

ISBN 1 905184 09 3

Supplement to Locomotive Profile 6

The Mixed Traffic Class 5s - Nos. 5225-5499 and 4768-4999

ByJohn Jennison and David Clarke with David Hunt, Fred James and Bob Essery

ISBN 1 874103 98 4

Supplement to Loco Profile 6
Supplement to Loco Profile 5

Supplement to Locomotive Profile 5

The Mixed Traffic Class 5s - Nos. 5000-5224

ByJohn Jennison and David Clarke with David Hunt, Fred James and Bob Essery

ISBN 1 874103 83 6

Supplement to Locomotive Profile 4

The 'Princess Royal' Pacifics

ByJohn Jennison, David Hunt and Bob Essery

ISBN 978 1 905184 91 0

Supplement to Loco Profile 4
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